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Video dance

This is older work I am still very eager to persue using motion capture software. In this instance I am using Isadora which is an immensely powerful creative tool for interpreting movement. I would like to carry on producing video and movement based installations that use motion capture, social commentary and soundscape.

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The sometimes literal ‘purple haze of Bristol.

The city taught me much. I found it very hard to leave, about 5 years of trying and my stay was 10. Cities like this have a kind of rhythm, the calm early morning, the throng of mid day and easier pace of night time. Met lifelong friends here and was able to think more about my practice.

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Dartington College of Arts [If Destroyed Still True] famous Servicing and Prodution Unit.

Technicians as craftspeople here provided a grounding for my technical knowledge and understood ways in which art forms can co-relate.

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People & Things

On his way out into the sparkling city
the sound makes him move and everybody is pretty
a moment out of the normal everyday
isn’t there another way
Dancing gives you energy
be what you always wanna be
n if you dont wanna go home
your friends will stay with you
or take a road that you want to